Favorite Songs!

Ok, Everyone has favorite songs including me! My favorite song is Praying by Kesha. I love it so much but surprisingly I don’t like any of her other songs. Just this one I guess. Is it just me, or do you think this song has a meaning. I think it is about fighting all of the abuse around her, and it makes me want to stop the abuse because it is just WRONG! It teaches people not to do that. The video was from Keshavevo.


Since it is almost Christmas I am using my favorite christmas song All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey. It makes me want to dance around and have hot cocoa! I love christmas songs especially during Christmas because it would be silly to listen to it during summer. I love her voice and the melody. This video was from MariahCareyvevo.

Last one of my favorite songs is a Reflection by Christina Augilera. I love the song because it make me think of the past and how to fix it. It is also one of the songs from one of my favorite movies Mulan. It is my most favorite song ever! I also love her voice and all of her music. This video was from ChristinaAugileraBR.

20% Accomplishments!

My major accomplishment is getting all the menus and list supplies ready to bake this month! It tells us and the customers what we have to offer and what we need to do to bake it. We had a big list to start out but then we decided to just do one thing every month. We might have to start late this month because we have some problems at the place we are going to. We will still get to do it though!

This month we are doing Christmas cookies and of course hot chocolate. My December goals are to start the bake sale and start baking. To achieve them I will get the baking supplies and the advertisement ready. The advertisement is kind of hard to make because we don’t know if people will like it and get some things to help achieve what we are doing. I want to have more accomplishments!

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Favorite Holiday

Christmas! Everyone loves it, especially me.  All the christmas decorations and trees are so beautiful and full of joy.  We also celebrate by going to church to worship Jesus and exchange gifts. Things I like to do during Christmas is definitely drink some cocoa and bake cookies. Also sledding is a definite yes!  My grandparents always have a Jesus, Mary, and Joseph figures in her front yard. She is really big on Christmas it is unbelievable!

My tradition on Christmas is to wake up my parents, wait for 10 minutes for them to get up and run downstairs. My sister usually squeals with all of the presents and begs for our parents to open them. A couple of years ago I got jellybeans and I gave my stepdad the rotten egg ones, it was so funny! Then we get dressed and head to grandmas to be with my family and eat dinner. My favorite ting to eat is fruit inside of jelly. It is delicious! Then we clean up and head to the movie room to exchange gifts because on Thanksgiving we usually pick names out of a hat and give them a gift. Last year I got the first 5 books of the Nancy Drew series because I like reading.

I get quadruple the presents because my parents are divorced. My room does not have any more space because of all the things I get. It gets harder every year though because I am getting older which means I don’t want any toys. I am thinking of getting clothes for Christmas. I know it is boring but I don’t know what else to get. If you have any suggestions comment below because I would like to hear your opinions!

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Part of my life

Every day I officially start school at 7:30/7:45 and end school at 2:45 later that day. I have seven lessons/periods every day and I have 2/3 breaks every day between classes. First one is between 2nd period and third period and between 3rd and 4th period.

There are about 180 school days in a year! That is a long time. In the U.S. there are 4 seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. My class changes are: Social Studies, ELA, Math, Science, Project Based  Learning, Band, and before our term ends Design and Modeling. Our sixth and seventh period change every 7 weeks but I only switch seventh because I am in band. In my free time I do cheerleading for my school and I read a lot.

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I don’t know about you,but there is always a little gossip going around school about what clothes you wear or what your hair color is and you don’t have to listen to them.  Gossip is not okay especially for us girls, it can bruise and batter our souls because of one single comment about us. Gossip hurts close relationships with your friends and their trust as well. If you believe in God you know that he is watching you and gossiping is not a good thing to do. It also takes negative aspects to you, for example you love doing gymnastics and someone gossiped that you are horrible at it, so the next day you beg your mom not to take you to gymnastics.

Gossip is also like bullying. You should tell a adult about what is happening to you. It happens to adults too… yeah I know what you are thinking, adults….gossiping no way. But it is true adults gossip to other people to get a higher reputation like us. We are afraid of being the  is the victim of the rumors so we play along to try not to get hurt ourselves. If you see someone getting criticized help them out a bit, if you don,t want to be any part of it  just ignore anything around the situation.

For all the people who are the criticizers out there I would ask yourself why you enjoy or do these things to other people. WHY? Here are some basic steps/questions to help you out.

1.  Why do you spread rumors?

2. Remember what it feels like if it happened to you

3. Be indifferent to gossip about yourself

4. Think about the positive when there is a negative

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Our 20% Idea!

For our project, Abby and I (Olivia) are doing a bake sale to buy daily necessities for the Ronald McDonald House.

How do I feel about it?  I think it is Awesome! We have some struggles but we are overall working together Nicely. Sometimes I feel so Stressed with all the work that we have to do. It is awesome because we get to help other people around us and maybe if it doesn’t work out this year we can do later in life. It is nice working together because we are friends and I don’t like fighting. It also helps with getting to know her better. It is stressing because there is a lot of work to do before May and it sometimes gives me headaches.

The goals I have for this month (November) are to get the promotional things done: posters, menus, flyers, etc. I also need to get organized for the bake sale next month. I will need help with baking and buying extra supplies. We will do most of the work but we need a little help too.

See my Visual Aide for more information.

Halloween Pumpkins

Activity 1.

Have your teachers ever told you not to plagiarize someones work? Well listen to them. Plagiarizing is basically copying someones work and not crediting them. If you don’t credit them they could sue you and you don’t want that I am sure. People do art or write poems for people to look at on the internet and they want to be recognized like us when we get good grades. Some people don’t though and it makes people mad for people not crediting the person.

Activity 2.

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Flowers bloom in spring                          Grow on the ground

Come in all colors and shapes                 Die in winter every year

Smell good and bad                                   So they can grow again

Make a room brighten

Causes allergies to people




Activity 3.

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A couple of days before Halmooween Betsy the cow was having some hay  for breakfast and she heard a loud noise outside the barn. It sounded like the time the farmer butchered Betsy’s aunt. She went outside and saw the fright of her life! It was a green blob that was consuming everything in sight, including old farmer Wilkins. Betsy ran around behind the barn so she would not be seen, but soon it found her and….

Activity 4

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Comment Challenge!


I like the way you commented on other peoples blogs,they had a lot of detail and really good questions. I would like to hear more from you in the future, and what got you into blogging?


I chose to read her blog because in her description there was dancing and gymnastics, and even though I don’t do these things I like watching other people do it. I only read her name when I first saw it, and she seemed a nice person because of her beautiful name.

I relate to this author because I like dancing and I love animals, especially horses. I also love commenting and she is pretty good at it and I want to be like her in that way, and If it happens that will be another thing we have in common.

I left the comment that way because even though it is short I think it is meaningful. I also think that it related well to her blog, and I think it is good enough to be a detailed comment.

My Awesome Avatar

My avatar represents me in many ways. I’m  kind of a girly girl and I love wearing dresses so my avatar is of course wearing a dress. My favorite color is teal and magenta but I used a magenta colored dress. My avatar has dark brown hair just like mine and I love singing, just not to people. That is why she has a microphone in front of her if you can see it. She has hazel eyes just like mine but they do not have green in it like I do. My avatar has long wavy hair, my hair is sometimes wavy but no completely straight.

I like my avatar because she/it represents in so many ways like I told in the last paragraph. I would recommend doing this again because it was so much fun to create a virtual/mini me to put as my blog avatar.

Face Your Manga

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