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Hi, In case you do not know me I am Olivia and this is my first blog about me. I am in middle school and I am 11 years old. I am pretty short for my age kind of like a dwarf but not that small! I am the oldest of four children, Me (11), Sophie (9),  Peyton (6), and Myles (16 months). I am bookworm so I am usually buried in a book. My favorite book right now is the Hobbit. I have one dog his name is Tucker he follows me everywhere and I hate it when I have to leave him.

I am a cheerleader, but I am not very good at it. It is so fun though! I love cooking, my sister says that my eggs are better than my mom’s and I love her eggs. I have 3 cookbooks and I have used almost every recipe in one of them. My favorite color is teal and magenta is a second. I love cats. I know you may think I am a cat lady but they are so adorable, I want one but my dad is allergic to them and my mom doesn’t like them I think. I love watching YouTube, My favorite youtuber is Wengie. If you want tell me who your favorite is and I will watch their channel. My favorite subject so far is social studies my teacher is so nice and awesome! I also like doing art. I pretty good at it, at least that is what I think. Personally my best is people and I am not good at that very much but the hands are the hardest. My all time favorite food is steak. It is just so delicious whenever I eat it makes my mouth water and my favorite drink is the awesome Dr. Pepper.


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